Thursday, 23 October 2014

INN at LOST CREEK Telluride, Colorado BEYOND!

The MOST ultra luxe awesome BEYOND 
in Telluride, Colorado. OMG!  
Read on to collect your 100 ChuckBucks

I put #Prepper in my small plane and flew back home to Colorado. I wanted to visit my neighbor Oprah. I haven't seen her in a dogs age.  But I didn't want to like bother Oprah and ask her if I could stay in one of her 7 guest houses...Instead, I checked into the Inn at Lost Creek, Nestled in the heart of Telluride, Colorado.

The Inn has a bar, a pool, a fitness center, and you can ski right out of your room! . My horse #Prepper stays in his own suite and takes advantage of the Hot Tub! *Whoa!*
Galena by Brad FoleyChuck Redhawk, Editor at Large of Small Business Opportunities skiing with his dog Goldstein

That's me with Goldstein. We are surrounded by 13,000 foot peaks. Telluride is just the coolest town in the world.

Oprah lives in Telluride.  We get together frequently.  Just to hang out. We always hug each other a lot and discuss our values, ethics, visions and prayers for humanity! I love Oprah!

 Distance from Telluride Airport - 6 miles. 

Tell them Chuck sent you and receive a 100 dollar resort credit toward a massage or bottle of Champagne.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Sundy House in Delray Beach

  • 106 South Swinton Avenue
  •  Delray BeachFL 33444
  • 561-272-5678 | 877-439-9601
  • Region: Delray Beach
Sunday House is a quaint, old fashioned bed and breakfast in the oldest house in Delray Beach. They have heart, they have soul and they have a  
a GREAT restaurant! I was blissed and blessed to have a chance to stay in this charming Victorian house.  
5 Stars

Friday, 10 October 2014

Tranquillity Lodge: A Barn with a View...

I was driving my horse trailer to a rodeo up North. I'd been on the road since 5AM.  My seat was sore. I'd almost reached the Canadian border when I heard a whistful whinny from my faithful steed "#Prepper."
At that moment I saw a cute lil' itty bitty sign that read:  Tranquillity Lodge. I thought to myself, that's exactly what I need, Tranquillity. I parked my trailer and got #Prepper settled into a comfy stall. Miss Melody Chase, a warm looking blond d'une certaine age, greeted me with a Hot Toddy in her hand. And that is how it came to pass that #Prepper n' Chuck spent a memorable night at the coziest, quaintest B and B east of the Mississippi.

To read more about our exciting stay at Tranquillity Lodge in Eustice, Maine mosey on over to  

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Anyways.......Best Regards for now,

Your pal,

View from the Chuckwagon: Why I love B and B's.

Howdy Friends!When I'm out on the range far from home I hate staying at cookie cutter franchise motels that have no soul and no place for me to hitch up my beloved horse, "#Prepper."

       "#Prepper" grazing behind the Best Western Fleabag on Rt. 495, Providence, R.I. 

The motels of yesteryear had elegance and style, and often, a nice cathouse in the back where a red blooded American cowboy could pass some pleasant hours among refined and forward thinking female company.

 I get lonely and depressed at modern industrial bedroom franchises like Marriots n' Hiltons and Motel 6's. I hate the bad art and worse curtains!

 That's why I've taken to staying at Bed and Breakfasts. A bed and breakfast is a friendly place, often run by a woman who was so good at raising her family that once her family has flown the coop she just wants to open her doors to total strangers and keep layin' on the L-O-V-E!

 The Bed and Breakfast home is always decorated with  examples of womanly handcrafts: quilts, dolls, needlepoint and flower arrangements.  Most of these B and B's feature seasonal decorations that would give Martha Stewart a run for her money. 
The B and B woman is proud of her soup, proud of her towels, proud of her pillowcases and proud of her bacon. Her pride is your gain buddy. Just relax and keep telling her how great everything is...

So follow this blog partner, if you know whats good for you...Coming soon: the Chuck Redhawk review of TRANQUILLITY BARN in the far far North of Yankeeville!

To see more examples of the amazing high Art of Quilting go to

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

The Cowboy Code of the West

Hi there Buckeroos! Welcome to Chuck Redhawk's Bed Breakfast and Beyond Blog. There will never be any written laws for this blog, but I vow to always abide by the Cowboy Code of the West:

  • 1. Don't inquire into a person's past. Take the measure of a man for what he is today.

    2. Look out for your own.

    3. Never order anything weaker than whiskey.

    4. Never pass anyone on the trail without saying "Howdy". 

    5. Remove your guns before sitting at the dining table.

     And if you would like the incredible Chuck Redhawk to stop by your B&B, western wear store, bar, den of iniquity or gun store just drop him a line at 

Farm by the River B&B with Stables in North Conway, New Hampshire

5 Stars: The Farm is owned by a heck of nice gal named Charlene. See her in the photo below?She is bringing out one of their horses for me to ride. Yee Haaaa!  The Farm even has sleigh rides in winter! I love these folks and you will too. P.S. Their dog Heidi will make you feel right at home!  Oh, did I mention the fresh baked chocolate chip cookies they greet you with when you come off the trail? 

Farm by the River Bed & Breakfast with Stables

 2555 West Side Rd, North Conway, NH 03860

Inn Reservations: 603-356-2694   or 1- 888-414-8353 toll free in the USA